Overview of advanced fulfillment



As part of the omnichannel and endless-aisle initiatives, Brightpearl POS supports the ability to raise orders which are to be fulfilled from warehouses external to the POS store, as well as raise sales containing items to be back ordered.


Once advanced fulfillment is activated at Brightpearl for a store, POS users can decide how each basket row is to be fulfilled:

  • immediately from that store
  • later from that store’s warehouse
  • later from an alternative source,
  • through a back order

What's included:

  • Advanced fulfillment modal with an option to deliver later and back order
  • Inventory lookup for multiple warehouses, and automatic stock recalculation based on the selected fulfillment method
  • The ability to process multiple units of a single product using different fulfillment methods, by splitting a single product row into multiple lines
  • Adding a customer, their address, a shipping method, a delivery date and shipping charges to an order
  • A fulfillment summary at checkout with the option to make confirmation with the customer mandatory
  • Automatic stock allocation when items are fulfilled now or booked to be shipped later
  • Automatic record of sales with delivery preferences back into Brightpearl

Note that as per the existing inventory lookup, advanced fulfillment is an online-only feature.

Important: Product bundles are not currently available to be fulfilled via advanced fulfillment options.

You can find details on how to set up advanced fulfillment at the back office here.

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