Benchmarking | Traffic

The traffic section of the Benchmark report provides a view of the business's ability to generate and convert website traffic.

KPI definitions and interpretation


Year-on-Year (YOY) Traffic Change

This KPI details the percent change in traffic to the website in the previous year compared to the previous 12 months. Where the KPI is below the benchmark, traffic has grown slower over this period than for the business's peers.

This metric provides context for marketing performance and the business’s ability to drive traffic to the site. Use this in conjunction with conversion rate to determine how well traffic is being monetized.

Conversion Rate

This KPI details the percentage of traffic that results in a transaction. This is one of the most important metrics for ecommerce businesses! If performance is low, it could be due to several factors:

  • Quality of traffic; look into conversion rate by channel
  • Product availability; if products are out of stock it will negatively impact conversion
  • Site speed; impacts on user experience
  • Merchandising; if customers are unable to find their desired product
  • Check out experience and ease of use
  • Payment and delivery options

Monthly YOY Traffic Change


This graph details the percentage of traffic that results in a transaction by month. This can be used to identify whether an under/over performance occurred across the whole year or just in particular months.

Total Traffic Change by Channel


This chart details the percentage of total traffic driven by each marketing channel. Where the metric is below the benchmark, the business drives less traffic from a given channel than its peers.

This chart indicates whether the business is under or over-reliant on a group of channels. It should be used in conjunction with Total Revenue by Channel, Cost per Click and Click Through Rate metrics.

Conversion Rate by Channel


This chart details the percentage of traffic that results in a transaction on each marketing channel.

Use this data to identify poorly performing channels and take measures to improve performance. This could be related to the quality or relevance of the traffic being sent to the website. If all channels are underperforming against peers it signifies an issue with site experience or stock availability.

Conversation Rate by Territory


This chart details the percentage of traffic that results in a transaction in each country.

Different conversion rate performance across territories could signal localization issues such as language, pricing, payment options or shipping options.


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