Benchmarking FAQs

Data and data sources

What data sources can I connect?

Along with Brightpearl, you can also connect Shopify, Google Ads, Facebook and Google Analytics. To get the most value out of Benchmarking, Shopify must be connected. We’ll be adding more data sources soon!

What if I don’t use Shopify?

Shopify merchants will get the most value out of Benchmarking as we use sales data and marketing data from Shopify to show a comprehensive view of revenue, customer and marketing performance across all key ecommerce KPIs.

In the future, we plan to add connectors for other ecommerce sites.

What if I don’t connect to Google Ads or Facebook?

A report will still be generated, but the marketing KPIs will not be available.

What metrics are made available by each connector?

Metric mceclip6.png mceclip4.png mceclip5.png mceclip2.png mceclip3.png
YoY revenue change          
Rev. by marketing channel          
Top quintile cust. rev          
Revenue by cust. status          
Marketing COS          
YoY change in spend          
Impression share          
YoY traffic change          
Traffic by channel          
Conversion rate          
Purchase frequency          
Repurchase rate          

How long does it take to sync and for the report to generate?

It depends on the size and complexity of your data but it typically takes 2-6 hours. It can take as long as 1-2 days for larger companies. You’ll receive an email once the report is ready to view.

How often does the data update?

Data is synced, deduplicated and transformed when you click the Generate Report button in the Connectors page.

As Benchmarking reports on the previous year, it isn't usually necessary to resync data until the next year, unless new data sources are added.

Common data issues

Google Analytics only has 26 months of data

As GA only allows you to store the last 26 months’ of data, if the first data sync is done mid-way through 2022, we won't able to produce YoY comparison metrics for the whole of 2021. The report will however show metrics for the data that is available.

Why are my charts grayed out?

Charts may be grayed out when there is insufficient data. For example, your Shopify store might be new and only have a couple of months of data or the join rate between your Shopify and GA might be poor. Grayed out charts are generally an indicator that something is a little off with your set up. If you contact support we can look into individual cases.

Benchmark report

What companies are in the benchmarks?

Over 1,000 ecommerce businesses ranging from startups to established brands are included in the benchmark data. You can compare against all the businesses or benchmark against your specific geography, industry, average selling price and revenue rank.

What if my business started after January 2022?

If you have any data in 2022 then the report will be generated and will still have insights for the period that is available. 

I can't find my vertical

Please pick the closest one to your business but let us know what would've been your preference by emailing and we'll feed this into the product roadmap.

How do I share the reports with other people?

When viewing the report, click the Share button at the top right and enter their email address.

If they don't already have a user account, they'll be prompted to create an account before viewing your report.

Note that all users have the ability to view and generate reports, to add and remove connectors and to invite new users.

Data protection

Is my data protected?

Absolutely. Please see our terms and conditions for information relating to data protection and GDPR.

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