Benchmark report

View the benchmark report by selecting Reports from the left hand menu.

The benchmark

Throughout the report, the performance of your business is shown in blue and the benchmark is shown in orange

mceclip1.pngThe benchmark shows how your business compares with other organizations from the market segment selected using the four filter options at the top of the page. 


By selecting from the drop-down for each of the four filter options, you can benchmark by:

  • Region: Toggle between all regions and companies in your country
  • Vertical: Toggle between all market verticals and companies in your vertical
  • AOV: Toggle between all companies and those with an Average Order Value similar to yours
  • Revenue rank: Toggle between all companies and the top 20% performing companies

Each time a different option is selected, the benchmark is recalculated and the report refreshed. The benchmark highlights what performance is possible for the selected region, vertical and AOV range as well as providing insight into opportunities for improvement.


Your company's vertical is chosen when you set up your account. Please contact support if you need to update the vertical. The available options are:

Apparel Food & drink Pets & animals
Arts & entertainment Games Safety & survival
Autos & vehicles Gifts & special events Science
Beauty & fitness Health Smoking & vaping
Books & literature Home & garden Sports
Business & industrial Internet Toys & hobbies
Computers Jobs & education Travel
Consumer electronics People & society Wedding

If you can't find the right one for your business, pick the closest and let us know what would've been your preference; we'll feed this into the product roadmap!

Report tabs

Switch between the four tabs to view KPIs relating to sales, marketing, traffic or customers.


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