Getting started with Benchmarking

Follow the steps below to create your Benchmarking account, connect your data sources and generate the benchmark report.

Creating your account

  1. First, log into your Brightpearl account and navigate to the App Store by clicking the App Store link at the top right.
  2. Turn on the "Brightpearl Retail Analytics and Benchmarking" app. mceclip1.png
  3. Go to our sign up page. Enter your email address and choose a password, then click Create Account. The user details entered here will be considered the owner of the Benchmarking account. mceclip5.png
  4. You'll receive a 6 digit code by email. Enter this code into the verification page and click Save.
  5. On the next page, set up your organisation by providing:
    • a company name
    • a vertical
    • a currency
    • information on whether the majority of revenue comes from own-branded goods

    The information entered here is used to benchmark your organization against relevant datasets.


  6. After saving, you'll be redirected to the homepage where you can then connect your data sources.

Connecting data sources

Data sources, i.e. Brightpearl, Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook, should be connected before generating your report. See the section below on how to add new users if another member of your team is needed to complete this step.

  1. If you're not already signed in, log in at
  2. Select Connectors from the left hand menu.
  3. Connect and authenticate each of your data sources by clicking the tile, entering login credentials and agreeing to the terms.  mceclip4.png
    • When connecting Brightpearl, the "Retail Analytics and Benchmarking" app must first be installed in your Brightpearl account (see step 1 in the instructions for creating your account above).
    • When connecting Shopify, if you have multiple Shopify stores you will need to set up the app for each additional store using a new tab in incognito mode. This prevents authentication errors from Shopify.
    • When connecting Google Analytics, it's usually best to sync specific views rather than all views. If you know which view best tracks your Shopify store, we recommend choosing that one.
  4. Once all your sources are authenticated, click Generate Report at the top right of the Connectors page.
  5. This initiates the sync which will take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days depending on the amount of data and its complexity. Once synced, the data is analysed and transformed resulting in the benchmark report. You will receive an email once the report is ready.

How to invite new users

  1. To add new users to your organisation, go to Settings > Organisations > Org. name > All users.
  2. Click the Invite users button at the top right.
  3. New users receive an email inviting them to create an account and join your organisation.

Note that all invited users have the ability to view and generate the report, to add or remove data sources and to invite new users.

Once your report has been generated, you can also add a user in the Home or Reports pages by clicking the Share button on the top right-hand side of the page.

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