Creating and editing dashboards

Dashboards can be created by any staff member with the dashboards "Edit" permission.

Once created, you'll be able to view the dashboard's edit screen, from where you can:

  • change the dashboard's name
  • add widgets
  • resize and move widgets around the page
  • apply filters to the dashboards or widgets
  • create presets

Creating a new dashboard

To add a new dashboard, go to Dashboards > My dashboards or Dashboards > List dashboards, then click "Create new" on the top right-hand side of the page.

You'll get a popup asking you to fill in the following information:

Field Description
Name Name your dashboard. This name will display in the dashboard list.
When the dashboard is assigned to users, they will see it in their "My dashboards" list.
Share this dashboard with users who only have the "view" permission.
A brief description of the dashboard, visible when hovering over the dashboard's name in the dashboard list.


Once you've filled in these details, click "Next". You will then be asked to select either a two- or three-column layout:


Pick your layout, then click "Save" to create the dashboard.

Adding widgets to your dashboard

Widgets allow you to visualize your data.

You can add widgets relating to your orders, products, contacts, accounting and more. A widget also can be extensively adjusted to display the exact information you need.

To add a widget, enter your dashboard and click "Edit dashboard".

Then, simply click the add widget button. You will be presented with a modal of all available widgets to add.


Use the modal to choose the widgets you wish to add.

The displayed list can be filtered (on name and description) for quick access to widgets specific to your needs. Learn more about the available widgets here.


Each selected widget will be added under the previously selected ones in the same column.


You can adjust the widgets by clicking and dragging the corners.

Use the move icon mceclip1.png on the top right corner to change the widget's position on the page, and the resize icon mceclip2.png on the bottom right corner to change the widget's size.


Once you are satisfied with the widgets you've added, save the dashboard by clicking Save changes on the top right-hand side of the page.

Filtering dashboards

Data on dashboards can be filtered on two levels:

  • The entire dashboard as a whole
  • Each individual widget

You can use a combination of the filters to ensure your dashboard is displaying exactly the information you want it to show.

Learn more about filtering dashboards here.

Editing dashboards

You can edit the name, assignees, viewers, description and number of columns on your dashboards once they've been created by clicking the Edit button mceclip0.png on the right-hand side of your dashboard list.

You can also clone a dashboard by clicking the clone button mceclip1.png, or delete a dashboard by clicking the delete button mceclip2.png.


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