ShipStation troubleshooting and FAQs


I've re-established the connection, but have orders missing.

If you have orders missing after re-establishing the connection in ShipStation, then you can delete the existing goods out notes for those orders in Brightpearl under Settings > Goods out notes > Due to ship.

You can then generate new goods out notes for these orders on the Sales screen.

How often do goods out notes populate into ShipStation?

ShipStation will populate orders in accordance with demand. No accounts populate instantly, and most store connections fall within a two hour range.

You can also refresh your store connection manually within ShipStation if you’d like your goods out notes to populate sooner.

Orders aren’t being marked as shipped in Brightpearl even though they are shipped in ShipStation.

You can resend shipping notifications under the Shipments tab in ShipStation.

Simply select the shipments you want to resend and click "Notify Marketplace". ShipStation will then resend the shipping notification for the selected shipments to Brightpearl.

Error messages when trying to connect to Brightpearl

"The marketplace returned an error: Collection is read-only"

This will be seen in the settings found within your ShipStation account are to download all goods-out notes from Brightpearl. You need to choose whether to download goods-out notes from Brightpearl if they are set to either "printed", "picked" or "packed".

To edit this setting follow these steps:

  1. Log into ShipStation.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Under the Setup section select Stores.
  4. Your marketplaces will be listed. Click on your Brightpearl app.
  5. Click the Edit store button.
  6. Select the Connection tab and click the Reconfigure Connection button.
  7. In the "Download shipments into ShipStation when Brightpearl goods out note is:" field, select whether you wish goods-out notes to download when they are either printed, picked or packed.
  8. You will need to re-enter your Brightpearl password and Brightpearl account code before clicking Finish.
  9. Click the Save Changes button to close and save your new settings.

“An error occurred attempting to update orders: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized."

This error can be seen in the settings under the activity tab in the store setup.

You will need to make sure you are using your Brightpearl username and Brightpearl password when configuring your Brightpearl store connection:

Warning: If you have updated your Brightpearl password, this will break the connection. You will need to reconfigure the store connection in ShipStation after updating your password!

To reconfigure the connection, please follow the following steps:

  1. In ShipStation, go to Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup.
  2. Under your Brightpearl Store Connection, click "Modify".
  3. Enter your Brightpearl username and your Brightpearl password.
    Your Brightpearl username is the email address you use to log into your Brightpearl account.
  4. Add the integration URL - this is "" (without quotes).
  5. Enter your account code.
    The account code is the company account ID you use to access your Brightpearl login screen.
  6. Enter your Channel IDs as a list of comma separated values corresponding to the ID numbers associated with your channels - for example, to add the channels with IDs of 1, 2 and 3 you should enter: 1,2,3
    You can find the channel IDs using the browser inspect tool in the Channels list within Brightpearl, or by hovering your mouse over Channels > Selling Channel > Recent Sales. The channel ID can be found at the end of the URL on the bottom left hand side of the screen ending with "department_id=". In the below screenshot, the channel ID is 2.
  7. Choose your data center. You can see which data center you are on from your Brightpearl admin URL:
    • is on USE
    • is on EU1
  8. Choose your weight unit. Ensure this matches the weight unit type in your Brightpearl account, found under Settings > Products/Inventory > Inventory settings.
  9. Choose your download shipments option. This is the status your goods out notes will be in when they import into Shipstation.
    Choose between:
    • Printed
    • Picked
    • Packed
    • All of the above
  10. Choose what to do with the goods note in Brightpearl when the shipment is shipped in Shipstation.
    Choose between:
    • Packed
    • Shipped
  11. Click Connect to save.

“An error occurred attempting to update orders: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.”

This error can be seen in the settings under the activity tab in the store setup. Please contact Brightpearl support if you are seeing this error. This will need to be resolved by our Support staff.

“An error occurred attempting to update orders: Error in XML. Reason: The ‘String’ element is invalid - The value 'String’ is invalid according to its datatype 'String100' - The actual length is greater than the MaxLength value.”

This error can be seen in the settings under the activity tab in the store setup. This error will occur when a string on a goods out note is too long. You will need to find the goods out note in Brightpearl and delete it. Refresh the connection in ShipStation after deleting this goods out note.

An error occurred when trying to test the connection: "The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."

This error can be seen when trying to test the connection or save a store without having completed all the necessary fields. Ensure that the data center and weight units are selected before testing the connection.

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