Contact record field descriptions

This guide lists all the fields available on a contact record with a description of what they mean.

Each contact record is made up of seven tabs, along with a header and some further information on the right-hand side of the page. If the contact is part of a company, an additional tab is displayed.

This page does not discuss the timeline, tickets, files or colleagues tab.

Header and information boxes



Field  Description

The contact's company name. Contacts in the same company are grouped together.

Learn more about contact relationships here.

Salutation The contact's salutation (e.g. Mr, Mrs)
First name The contact's first name
Last name  The contact's surname

The contact's status, used to keep track of where a customer is in the sales pipeline. Learn more about contact statuses here.

Activities Any scheduled activities related to the contact. Learn more about activities.

Open sales and quotes

Open purchase orders

Displays a list of orders assigned to the contact which have not been invoiced.

Displays the contact's account balance as well as links to the payment allocation screen and the contact's financial history.

Info tab

The info tab contains basic information about the contact.

Contact information


Field Description
Email address

The contact's primary email address.

This should be unique to the contact as it is used to match the contact to downloading or imported orders.

Email address 2
Email address 3
Any alternative email addresses.
Telephone 2
The phone number(s) and fax number the contact can be reached on.
Company web address The URL of the company's website.
Assign to team Choose a team to assign to the contact. Learn more about teams here.
This contact is a supplier

Choose between:

  • Yes (for a vendor)
  • No (for a customer)

This can be changed up to the point where an order has been created for the contact.

This contact is an employee

Choose between:

  • Yes (for an employee)
  • No (for an ordinary contact)
Trade status

Used to distinguish between different kinds of customers. This field is only used for reporting.

Choose between:

  • Retail
  • Trade
  • Unknown



Field Description
eBay username The customer's username on eBay. This is captured if the customer makes an order via eBay.
Skype The contact's Skype ID.

Other information


Field Description
Job title The contact's job title.
Contact owner

Assign a staff member to the contact if they are owned by a particular sales person or account manager.

Typically this field is used in conjunction with the sales setting "auto-assign to contact owner" to produce commission reports.

If a note is added to a contact, an email is also sent to the contact owner to keep them updated.

Service level

Select the contact's service level as defined in your Helpdesk settings.

This field automatically populates any tickets they raise.

Lead source Record how the customer found out about your business so that you can analyse your marketing. Lead sources are passed on to every order raised by the contact. Learn more about lead sources here.
Receive email newsletters

This option dictates whether customers are opted in to receive bulk emails. When it's set to "No", the contact is excluded from batch emails sent from the contact list.

It's set to "No" by default, as customers must specifically opt in.

Memo Any notes about the contact can be entered here.
Popup message Any text entered here will be displayed as a popup message every time the contact record is opened or an order is created for the contact.

Addresses tab


This tab displays all the addresses associated with the contact.

Two blocks are displayed by default, but a contact can have as many addresses as needed. New blocks will appear as the existing ones are filled in and the contact record is saved.

Different addresses can be set as the default address, invoice (billing) address and delivery address by clicking the "default", "invoice" or "delivery" links in the address box.

The default addresses will populate the address tab in an order created for the contact. The "invoice" address is used as the billing address and the "delivery" address is used as the destination when shipping goods.

Financial tab

The financial tab contains information about the contact's financial settings.

Contact information


Field Description

Price list

Select the default price list for this contact. The price list selected here will be used on all orders created for the contact by default. Learn more about price lists here.
Select the contact's currency. All orders for this contact will be created in this currency.
Tax code Set a tax code for the contact. The tax code set here will override any product or location-based tax codes on an order.
Account (nominal) code Set a nominal code for the contact. For customers, it will override the revenue code on sales orders. For vendors, it will override the purchases code used for non-stock tracked rows.
Account code A unique code for the contact, used when mapping contacts from Brightpearl to another accounting system, e.g. when performing an opening balance import.
Accounts email address The email address to send invoices to.
Company number The contact's company registration number.
Tax number The contact's company tax number.
Default invoice template The invoice template used when sending invoices to the contact. This overrides the channel branding invoice template.

Payment information


Field Description
Credit limit The contact's credit limit, in the currency of the contact.
Credit terms

Set the number of days, and choose between:

  • Net
  • Net EOM

Learn more about credit limits and terms here.

Discount (%)

If the contact gets or grants a blanket discount, enter the percentage here.

As long as the discount column is enabled, this percentage discount will be applied to all order rows for manually-created orders.

Learn more about discounts here.

Banking information


Field Description
Bank name The name of the contact's bank.
Bank account code The contact's bank account number.
Bank sort code The sort code of the contact's bank account.

Custom fields

It's possible to create custom fields for contacts, and once created they will display under this tab.

Customers and vendors have different sets of custom fields.

Learn more about custom fields here.

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