Purchase statuses and workflow

Purchase statuses are used to represent the stage a purchase order is in while being processed. Lists and reports can be filtered to include or exclude purchases in any status.

Purchase statuses can be managed under Settings > Purchases > Purchase statuses.


Adding or editing order statuses

To add a new order status, click the "Add a new status" button on the top right hand side of the page. You'll see a modal window:


The fields are as follows:

Field name Description
Order status name Name of the order status
If an order's not updated, remind me after X days The number of purchase status reminder days (see below).
Show orders on this status in your vendor (supplier) portal

If set to 'yes', vendors using the portal will be able to see their orders on this status. 

If set to 'no', vendors using the portal will not be able to view any of their orders on this status.

When an order lands on this status, send an email to

If an order is created on this status, or if the order's status is changed to this status, an email can be sent to an email address in order to alert a user (see below).

Emails can be sent to multiple email addresses if separated by commas, e.g. "email1@test.com, email2@test.com"

Note: Emails will only be sent if an order is created or updated within the Brightpearl UI (changes made using the API won't trigger an email).

Additional text to be sent within internal emails Text can be added to the automated emails using this field (see below).
Color The color of the status when assigned to orders.

Once the status has been created, any one of these fields can be amended by clicking the pencil icon next to the status under Settings > Purchases > Purchase statuses.

Default status and automated status changes

Order statuses can be set manually at any time, or you can configure workflow rules found under Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.

  • New purchase order status
    When a new purchase order is added by a user it will be assigned this status. This only applies to orders manually added by a user.
  • When purchase order is placed, set status to
    When the purchase order is emailed to your vendor, it will be assigned this status.
  • When invoice is received, set status to
    When the purchase order is marked as invoiced, it will update to this status.
  • Create back orders on status
    If a purchase order is split to a back order, the back order will use this status.
  • Vendor (supplier) acknowledged status (portal)
    When a vendor acknowledges a purchase order using the web portal, the purchase order will update to this status.
  • Vendor (supplier) shipped status (portal)
    When a vendor marks a purchase order as shipped using the web portal, the purchase order will update to this status.
  • New purchase credit status
    New purchase credits are created on this status by default.
  • Purchase credited status
    When the credit note is received against a purchase credit, it will update to this status automatically.

Note: Statuses should not be used to manage inventory, such as whether inventory has been received. Brightpearl automatically tracks the status of received inventory on orders using the inventory status icon.

Purchase status reminder days

"Remind days" can be assigned to statuses. This enables Brightpearl to provide notifications when orders on that status haven't been updated for a period of time. Notifications appear in the left pane of the back office screens.


Email notifications for order status changes

Assigning an email address to a status will prompt Brightpearl to send an email alert when a purchase order is assigned to a status manually in back office. Orders updated over API don't currently trigger emails.


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