Simple hits on the API (private apps)

If you’re simply looking to hit the API on your account, you can do so by creating a "Private app" which can be added directly in your Brightpearl account.

This method has a fixed API rate limit and should only be considered where you want to make a simple, perhaps one-off, hit on the API. It makes it quick and easy to use a script to get data or automate an action.

This option allows you to connect to a specific Brightpearl account and act as a user through the API. This method should not be used for integrating another system or app, which should always use an OAuth instance app.

You can see your private apps under App store > Private apps.

How to connect to the API of an account

  • Log into your Brightpearl account
  • Go to App Store > Private apps
  • Click “Add private app”
  • Select “staff app” to ensure you are capturing detailed information about who performs any actions on your account. “System” apps are being sunsetted and should not be used anymore.
  • Enter a name and identifier. The identifier must take the form of "{accountID}_unique-id", where the unique ID:
    • Is between 4 and 16 characters
    • Contains only lower case letters, numbers and hyphens
  • Save


Your app will now be listed. Click on "Manage users" and add the relevant staff members to generate the authorization tokens needed to connect to the API.

To add a staff member, select their name from the drop-down list on the top right hand side of the page, then click "Add":


Once staff members have been added, you will see them on this screen with their authorization tokens:


Using a private app

Once you have generated your tokens, you can call the Brightpearl API. You will use the identifier chosen on creating the app and the staff authorization token in the request headers.

brightpearl-app-ref: {app reference} 
brightpearl-staff-token: {staff token}
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