Choosing the right API connection method

The Brightpearl API allows you to extend your system with apps or make a simple API connection to extract data or carry out basic automation through scripts.

Depending on who you are and what you want to do there are two different ways of connecting to the API. Choosing the correct method will ensure you can achieve the best results.

OAuth instance apps

This method has flexible API rate limits (by approval) and should always be used when building an app, whether it is for private use on a single account, private use on multiple accounts, or published in the app store.

Connection of OAuth instance apps require Brightpearl users to approve the app to connect to their Brightpearl account. The approval process generates access tokens required for making successful API calls to Brightpearl.

To create an instance app, you need to register in the developer portal. You can then add your apps to create the OAuth credentials.

If the app is just for you, create the app in your developer account (there's no need to progress the app life-cycle beyond “in development”), then simply add your Brightpearl account as an “early access” account, and turn the app on or off from the app store.

If the app is for multiple clients or accounts, create the app in your developer account (there's no need to progress the app life-cycle beyond “in development”), add each Brightpearl account as an “early access” account, and then turn the app on or off from the app store within each account.

If you want the app to appear in the app store for everyone so that anyone can install it at any time, then you will need to progress the app life-cycle through “alpha”, “beta” and on to “released”. This requires registering with Brightpearl as a partner, and the app design and code going through a number of stages of review and approval.

Note: We are currently not accepting any requests for progression of an app into the app store due to revising our systems and processes.

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API rate limit increases

Instance apps have an API rate limit of 200 calls per minute, which is usually enough for most apps to work effectively. However in special cases it is possible to increase the limit, perhaps only temporarily, to cover a particular case or period.

If you want your API rate limit increased you will need to submit:

  • details about what your app is doing
  • the number of times it does it over a period of time
  • how fast you need them processed.

The team will review your case and look for areas where your app can be optimized. Please note that an API rate limit increase is not guaranteed - we need to see that you have taken steps to optimize your app and attempted to work within the 200 calls a minute limit.

Token based authentication

This method has a fixed API rate limit and should only be considered where you want to make a simple, perhaps one-off, hit on the API. It makes it quick and easy to use a script to get data or automate an action. This option allows you to connect to a specific Brightpearl account and act as a user through the API. This method should not be used for integrating another system or app, which should always use an OAuth instance app.

These connections are listed in the Brightpearl account where the tokens were generated.

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