Overview of Amazon listings

Amazon is an online marketplace, which means products are sold using listings.

Listings are divided into two sections:

  • Product information
    This is information common to every listing of this product, i.e. every seller who lists this product will have this information in common. It includes things like the product's name, its brand or manufacturer, and its dimensions.
  • Listing information
    This is information specific to your listing and may differ to other sellers' listings. It will include information like the product's condition, delivery information, pricing and handling times.

Amazon will generally display one page to customers for a single product, so sellers may end up contributing content to one listing. Amazon determines what information to show customers.

Creating Amazon listings

Listings must be created in Amazon as it's not possible to publish listings from Brightpearl.

Once a listing has been created, its details will download into Brightpearl where it can be connected to a Brightpearl product. You can view your Amazon listings under Channels > Amazon > Live Amazon listings.

Learn more about connecting your products to Amazon listings here.

Note: Brightpearl only supports report headers in English. To request that reports be translated into English language, log in to Seller Central and select Settings > Account Info > Feed Processing Report Language. After you enable this setting, both the headers and the contents of the reports will be translated. If this is not done, the listings will not download.


Products listed with different variants on Amazon, such as sizes and colors, will download into Brightpearl as separate listings. The parent product is not downloaded.

Each individual listing will need to be connected to the relevant variant in Brightpearl, following the same rules as regular listings.


Amazon listings can be connected to bundles in Brightpearl.

Brightpearl will sync the bundle availability to Amazon as determined by the on hand inventory levels of the bundle's components. Learn more about how that's calculated here.

When an order for the listing downloads the bundle and all the components will be added.

Inventory syncing

If inventory syncing is activated, a product's on hand quantity will be sent to Amazon at the point the listing is first connected. Any changes to the on hand quantity in Brightpearl will then trigger an update to Amazon for any connected listings.

If the product and listing are connected whilst inventory syncing is off, the on hand quantity will be uploaded to Amazon once inventory sync has been switched on.

Amazon listing limits

Each Amazon channel (marketplace) is limited to 100,000 listings (or a 50mb download).

Listing level handling times

Amazon handling times can either be controlled at a listing level, or a default handling time can be set for all listings.

To start controlling handling days per listing, record the number of days in a numerical product custom field, and select that custom field as the custom field to specify handling days on a product in your Amazon settings. Learn more about creating product custom fields here.

The default handling days will be used where no product specific handling days have been set.

If you have a single SKU tied to listings in more than one Amazon channel, the recommendation is to set the lead time to be identical for all marketplace settings in Brightpearl.


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