Overview of sales reporting

The sales module in Brightpearl has a number of reports available to display sales data. All of the reports support configurable columns and can be filtered in a number of different ways.

The data from all reports comes from the data on sales orders - prices, dates, payment amounts and the items on each row are all taken from the corresponding information on sales orders, regardless of what the values may be in other modules. So, for example, if a product sells for £10 on a sale, but the price list is then updated to £12, the price reflected in the reports will be £10.


There are three main reports, each with a different level of granularity.

Sales list

The recent sales list, found under Sales > Recent sales, lists all orders in the system. Each order is displayed on an individual line.

The sales list is a working report in that it is the report that you will likely be operating off on a day-to-day basis. However it can also provide valuable data for analysis purposes.

Read more about the sales list here.

Sales detail

The sales detail report, found under Reports > Sales detail, lists every order in the system, broken down by order row. Each line in the report corresponds to a row on an order.

The sales detail report is useful for analysis involving products - for example, if you need a list of every order a certain product is on, along with the price and cost of the product on those orders, the sales detail report is the best report to use.

Read more about the sales detail report here.

Sales analysis

The sales analysis report is displayed as several different reports in the system, each of which provides a high-level view of sales data grouped by a certain attribute.

The sales analysis reports are all found under the Reports menu, and are titled 'Sales by X', where X is the attribute used for grouping.

These reports are useful for getting data on a large volume of sales at once and for viewing trends.
The different reports are:

  • Sales by Brand
  • Sales by Channel
  • Sales by Customer
  • Sales by Company
  • Sales by Lead Source
  • Sales by Reporting Category
  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by Product Group
  • Sales by Product Type

Read more about the sales analysis reports here.

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