Batch adding items onto sales orders

The 'Batch add price list items' option on orders allows you to add multiple items onto a sale at once, instead of having to enter details onto rows individually.

Using the 'batch add price list items' functionality

The 'Batch add price list items' functionality can be found beneath the product table on every sale, next to the link to add a new row:


Clicking the link will bring up a modal window:


This window lets you search for products based on a number of criteria:

  • Price list
    The products you are searching for must be on a price list - if they don't have prices on any price lists, you will not be able to use this functionality.
  • Category
  • Vendor (supplier)
  • Brand
  • Warehouse
    This defaults to the order warehouse. This field only changes the quantities displayed when searching.
  • Season

Searching for name or SKU will bring up a list of all matching products. The desired quantities of the items can be entered into the column on the right hand side:


Clicking 'Batch add' will then add the products to the order:


The modal window will remain open, so different products can be searched for.

Grid view

The batch add functionality can also be used in conjunction with grid view, to make adding variants to sales easier.

Search for the product group, then click 'Grid entry':


That will bring up a grid, allowing you to enter the quantities of the variant products that need to be added to the order:


Learn more about variants and grid entry here.


Learn how to add multiple inventory items onto a sales order using the batch add price list items feature.

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