Removing the tax on basket row level

In POS, you can configure how tax is applied on a row by row level by removing the tax on your selected rows. This function is controlled by a local setting on your Brightpearl POS which can be configured by POS store managers. 

How to configure your POS to allow or disallow removing the tax on basket row level

  1. Slide from left to right to reveal the menu.
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Enter your passcode.
  4. Under General, make your selection at Tax adjustments

How to remove the tax on basket row level

  1. Start by adding items in your basket.
  2. Then swipe from right to left on the row for the item you'd like to remove tax for.
  3. Tap on Remove tax.
  4. If you get the following message, then the setting for tax removal per item row has not been enabled. Please refer to the previous section.
  5. If your configuration allows it, POS will remove the tax from the related row (if the POS store is tax-inclusive). The total tax, the tax breakdown (if more than one tax code is used) and the grand total are updated to reflect the change.

Important notes

  • When a basket row's tax is removed, the associated tax code that POS will be submitting to Brightpearl for this line will be N (non taxable) for US accounts and T9 for EU accounts.
  • This feature is available only while your iPad is connected to WiFi.
  • If the items sold with zero tax are returned, POS will retain the tax amount. It can't be changed.
  • If items were sold with tax and subsequently returned, you will not be able to remove tax on the return.
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