Moving allocated inventory in Brightpearl WMS

The ability to move allocated inventory was added to Brightpearl's core platform in June 2021. As of August 2021, we have also made this functionality available in Brightpearl WMS.

When we launched movable allocated inventory in the core platform back in June, it wasn’t possible to do it in WMS, because WMS was still limiting the quantity of an item that you could move by its ‘on hand’ value.

So as of August 2021, we've changed it so that the quantity of an item you are able to move in WMS is limited by its ‘in stock’ value instead - so the total number of items that you’re able to move will include the items that are allocated.

Why has this been made available in Brightpearl WMS?

Generally speaking, our customers who use Brightpearl WMS are managing their inventory at a more granular level than those using the warehousing functionality in the core platform. By enabling the feature in WMS we are able to deliver it to our customers who have the most appetite for it.

Up until now, inventory had to be unallocated and therefore 'on hand' for it to be moved between warehouse locations. This feature provides the option of allowing allocated items to be moved, and, in addition, setting a preference between moving allocated or unallocated inventory.

When would I use this new functionality?

With movable allocated inventory activated, you're free to move inventory from one location to another without having to check beforehand whether any of it is allocated.

That can be a great help if you store inventory of a product in more than one location - for example, bulk storage and picking locations. You might find that you take more sales for a product than are available in your picking location, and products are allocated from your bulk storage location.

Being able to move inventory even though it has been allocated means that your warehouse operatives can move those items to the picking locations ready for the pickers, rather than the pickers being directed to the bulk location.

You might also find that your inventory can become allocated quickly after you book it in, especially if you run a lean or just-in-time supply chain. This functionality means that you won't be restricted if your inventory is allocated before you have completed your put-away process.


How do I turn it on in Brightpearl WMS?

You don’t need to do anything in WMS, but you will need to have Movable Allocated Inventory switched on in Brightpearl. You can find the setting at Settings > Products / Inventory > Inventory settings - read more about it here.

What if I don't want it on? How do I prevent it in WMS?

If you don't want to use the functionality, keep the setting disabled in Brightpearl.

Even with the functionality enabled, if WMS tries to move more inventory than is available in Brightpearl it will be unsuccessful and will display an error message to the user. That’s still the case whether movable allocated inventory is switched on in Brightpearl or not.

Any limitations to keep in mind?

There is one thing to be aware of: WMS’s goods out notes list won’t be aware of inventory that has been moved until it has been refreshed.

That means that if you are filtering your goods out notes by a warehouse zone and allocated inventory has been moved into or out of the zone in question, the filtered results won’t reflect that inventory has been moved.

Just make sure the inventory was moved before the goods out notes list is loaded!

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