Overview of inventory reports

There are several different reports in Brightpearl which provide information on your current inventory. This article will provide an overview of each one as well as explain what they can be used for.

Product list

The product list displays all products which exist in the system, but it does also provide information on products' stock levels.

It can be accessed under Products > List products/services.


Clicking on a product name brings you to the product's product record, while clicking on the product's inventory levels brings up a modal window which gives you more information on where the product's inventory is located, which orders it is allocated to and when new inventory is expected to arrive.

Tip: Click 'Show filter' and select a warehouse to display your products' default locations, minimum stock levels and reorder quantities for that location.

The product list can also be used to batch update products.

Inventory summary

The inventory summary report is located under Products > Inventory summary.


It provides a summary of all current inventory, broken down by product. The report lists the quantities of each product as well as their total asset value (as set when the inventory was received into the system).

Learn more about the inventory summary report here.

Inventory detail

The inventory detail report is an inventory report which lists current inventory broken down into batches. It can be accessed under Products > Inventory detail.


It is a more detailed inventory report. Each product may have multiple lines associated with it, if its inventory was brought in on multiple batches.

It lists the:

  • date the batch was received
  • location of the inventory
  • the product's stock levels
  • the unit cost, landed cost and total cost

Adjustments to existing batches (manually writing off or changing the price) are performed from this screen.

Learn more about the inventory detail report.

Inventory audit trail

The inventory audit trail is located under Reports > Inventory audit trail.


This report lists every inventory movement that occurs in the system - i.e. every movement of inventory in or out of Brightpearl.

This includes items being shipped on sales, received on purchase orders or manually written on or off.

The report lists:

  • the product associated with the movement
  • the quantity being moved
  • the unit value of the inventory being moved
  • what order it's associated with (or the reason, if a manual adjustment)
  • the warehouse it is moving in or out of
  • the date the movement occurred
  • a unique movement ID

Learn more about the inventory audit trail here.

Low inventory report

The low inventory report can be found under Products > Low inventory report.


It displays a list of products which may need to be reordered based on the product's minimum stock level and reorder quantities, as specified on the product record.

The report calculates how many units need to be reordered to cover current demand. You are able to create purchase orders from this report.

Learn more about the low inventory report here.


This video goes through how to use each of the inventory reports in Brightpearl, with tips on what to use each report for. The reports covered include the product list, the inventory detail and summary reports, the inventory audit trail, inventory in transit and balance sheet.

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