Saving and using saved card details using Brightpearl Payments

When processing a payment, you can choose to save the customer card details.

This will enable you to take additional payments in the future without having to contact the customer.

Saving customer cards

In order to save customer card details you must first set the option up with your payment provider. Not all payment providers offer this option. If your payment provider does not offer the option to save card details then you will not be able to use the feature. The app cannot override the features of the payment provider.

How many customer cards can be saved?

The number of cards which can be saved for each customer depends upon your payment provider. For example, currently allows 12 cards to be saved per customer, so this is how many you will be able to save and retrieve using the Brightpearl Payments app.

Where are customer card details saved?

All card details are saved only with the payment provider (such as Stripe, Opayo) who must comply with all the necessary security legislation for saving card details. No card information is saved in Brightpearl or Shuttle, who powers the Brightpearl Payments app.

When are customer card details saved?

Customer card details will be saved at the same time as they are used to process a payment or authorization.

Saving customer card details can be set at the app level or on an individual payment:

  • App level

    If the app is set to save card details then they will automatically be saved for every card transaction processed in Brightpearl.

  • Payment level

    If the app is not set to automatically save card details, then you will be able to decide per transaction.

You do not need to save customer card details to process authorize only type transactions.

How to save card details for future use

Use these steps to save a customer’s card details with your payment provider, so that they can be used for taking payments in the future:

  1. Check with your payment provider that they offer the option of saving card details and that it is activated on your account.
  2. In Brightpearl, process payment for your customer. During the process, ensure the Save card details box is checked. You can configure your app to have this box checked by default.

Once the card transaction has been completed, the card details will be saved with your payment provider and can be retrieved the next time you process a payment for this customer.

Using a saved card

When taking a new payment for a customer, you will be able to select any one of their saved cards to complete the transaction. All available cards are retrieved from the payment provider at the point of processing a new transaction.

Some payment providers will require additional security checks when using the saved card in the future, such as re-entering the CVV number. You will be asked for these before the transaction can be completed.

Updating a saved card

It is not possible to update a card from Brightpearl. You will usually need to save a new card and remove the old one.

Removing a saved card

It is not possible to remove a saved card from within Brightpearl. You will need to remove the card from within your payment provider account.

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