Refunds and payments to customers

Making refunds or payments to customers using the Brightpearl Payments app can be done against:

  • A sales credit

    Process a transaction to pay the customer for either the full value or part of the value of the credit, and mark the credit as paid in Brightpearl at the same time.

  • A customer

    Process a transaction to pay the customer a specified amount. It can be left on account or allocated against outstanding credits.

Giving money to a customer can be done by a reversal of an original payment received from the customer. It might be for either the full transaction amount or only part of it, and there may be multiple refunds made, but the total refunded amount can never exceed the original charge.

A refund made using the Brightpearl Payments app will look up an original transaction from your payment provider and use those details to make the refund, so there is no need to re-enter the card details.

Payment providers will often also refund their own fees when a refund is made in this way.

Note: Payments cannot be processed for suppliers or purchases. These types of payment are not supported and should be managed using a BACS/ACH service.

Refunding a payment using the Brightpearl Payments app

Use these steps to refund a customer card payment and mark a credit as paid:

  1. Clone the original sales order to a sales credit.
  2. From within the sales credit scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Refund.
  3. Choose the payment method. Where the payment method has been configured for use with the Brightpearl Payments app, the payment processing window will automatically be displayed.
  4. Enter the customer payment details and submit.

Once the payment has been successfully processed you will be returned to the order screen.

The order will now display a captured or pending (for auth only) payment amount.

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