Using "pay now" links for quotes, orders and invoices

"Pay now" links can be added to quotes, orders and invoices which are emailed to customers.

When the customer clicks the link they will be able to make a secure payment which is automatically captured in Brightpearl to mark the quote, order or invoice as paid.

Note: "Pay now" links can be activated for only one payment provider at a time.

The link mechanism is embedded directly into templates using the code provided during the payment gateway setup.

How to set up "pay now" links

  1. Go to Settings > Company > Payment methods.
  2. Click Gateway settings on the payment method.
  3. Select Enable customers payments to allow customers to make full payment against invoices.
  4. Select Enable part payments to allow customers to make multiple part payments against invoices.
  5. Copy the text shown in the "Invoice payment" section to the clipboard.


  6. Go to Settings > Templates > Document templates and click to edit the relevant template - for example, the invoice template.
  7. Click to view the template in HTML mode.


  8. Place the cursor in the place where the link should appear and paste in the text from the payment setup.
  9. Save the template.

The next time a quote, order or invoice is emailed to a customer using this template, the link will be included.


When the customer clicks on the link, they'll be taken to a secure gateway page where they can enter their details to pay.


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