Brightpearl Payments: Braintree

The Brightpearl Payments app allows you to connect your Braintree payment gateway to Brightpearl. This will enable you to process:

  • Back office (MOTO) payments
    • Receive payments against sales orders - authorize and capture later or authorize/capture immediately
    • Capture authorizations - manually or automatically on shipping
    • Refund a payment processed via the app
    • Create on account payments against customers
  • Payments made using "pay now" links in quotes, orders and invoices which are emailed to customers.

Each staff member who will be processing payments using Braintree will need to be added within the permissions section of the configuration process.

How to set up and configure Braintree with Brightpearl

  1. Continued from the steps here.
  2. To connect Braintree to Brightpearl you’ll need the following details from your Braintree account:
    • Merchant ID
    • Public Key
    • Private Key

      Find these details in Braintree at My user > API keys. Click here for more info.


  3. Enter your Braintree API details and make the following choices:
    • Multi-currency: Check this box if Braintree is configured to accept payments in multiple currencies.
    • Account currency: Select the account currency used in Braintree
    • Require AVS: Check this box to use address verification service (AVS)


      If you are using multiple currencies within Braintree, each one will need to be added, along with the Merchant Account ID set in Braintree. Find these details in Braintree at Settings > Processing.


  4. Save to connect the app to your payment provider. If it is not possible to establish a connection, a message will be displayed. Please check your details have been entered correctly and try again.
  5. Once a connection is established make your configuration choices:

    Transaction type: Choose between authorize only, authorize and capture or allow the user to choose for each transaction.

    Automatically capture: Choose whether you want the payment to be automatically captured when the first shipment is made.

    Save card details: Choose whether customer card details used for processing transactions are saved for future use.


  6. Before the app can be used, you will also need to set the permissions and specify which staff members can process each transaction type. In the configuration window, select the Permissions tab. If you have previously configured a different payment gateway with the app, you can choose to copy the permissions and then make any amendments.
  7. Save the permissions to complete the configuration.
  8. Close the configuration.

You are now ready to begin using Braintree with the Brightpearl Payments app. When the payment method is selected to pay sales orders in Brightpearl, the payment processing window will automatically be displayed.

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