Installing and configuring Brightpearl Payments

Installing the Brightpearl Payments app

The Brightpearl Payments app can be activated from the App Store. Once the app has been installed you will need to configure it with each of your payment providers and give your staff members permissions to use it (permissions depend on features supported by your payment gateway).

How to install the Brightpearl Payments app

  1. Log into your Brightpearl account.
  2. Click the App Store link at the top right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Find the Brightpearl Payments app.
  4. Click Turn on.

Configuring Brightpearl Payments

The initial steps for configuring Brightpearl Payments are the same for all payment providers. The settings for each provider will then be different depending on what the providers support. The configuration for each different provider is given on a dedicated page for each provider in our help articles.

How to configure Brightpearl Payments

  1. In Brightpearl, go to Settings > Company > Payment methods.
  2. Add a new payment method, or edit a relevant existing payment method you are using.
  3. Give the payment method a name and a code.
  4. Select This payment method is active option.
  5. Select Brightpearl Payments from the Link to a payment gateway drop down.
  6. Ensure a bank account is selected if you are using Brightpearl accounting. If no bank account is assigned, accounting for payments will not be created.
  7. Save the payment method, and click the Gateway settings link now displayed against the method to begin the Payment app configuration. This can also be used to edit your settings later.


  8. In the pop-up window select your payment provider.

The rest of configuration is done within the Payments app, and varies depending on the functionality of each provider.

Continue to the relevant payment provider settings:

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