Creating new Brightpearl products from eBay listings

If no product exists in Brightpearl it can be created using the listing. This can be done one-by-one or in batches for variants and international listings, but not bundles:

  1. Go to Channels > eBay > Listings.
  2. Select one or more listings to create products for - or click the Create link directly below the relevant listing.
  3. Click the Create products button.

    eBay Create new products no publish

  4. Complete the product details in the pop-up window:

    Product name - enter the product name as you wish it to display in Brightpearl. This will default to the listing name.

    Model/SKU - this will display the eBay listing SKU if defined. If no SKU exists on eBay one must be entered. If a new SKU is entered the eBay listing will be updated to match Brightpearl.

    Category - select the Brightpearl category the product should be assigned to.

    Brand - select the Brightpearl brand.

    Product type - select the Brightpearl product type.

    Taxable product (US)/Tax code (UK) - specify whether the product should be set as taxable in Brightpearl / assign the relevant tax code (UK).

    Price list - select the sell price list to use for updating this listing. It must be of the same currency as the listing

    Cost price - Enter the cost price of the product. This is important where new inventory is being added (field below) as it will be used to value the stock and create accounting.

    Quantity in stock - this will default to the current availability displayed on eBay. This figure will be used to add inventory into stock in Brightpearl. This will create an inventory accounting journal using the cost price entered above.

    eBay Create new products 2a

    Where more than listing was selected (batch create) use the Create product button to work through each item one after the other. If the process is cancelled half way through creating a batch of products, those that have already been created will be saved and connected.

There's no need to connect the products afterwards, the connection is made at the same time.

Creating variants using an eBay listing

Where a listing comes with different variants (such as size or color) the option values will be automatically assigned to the product record in Brightpearl. Where the option values don't exist in Brightpearl they will be created.

eBay Variants


Products created using international eBay listings

Products created from internationally listed items (actively listed) will be created as normal but must be assigned a sell price list in the same currency as the listing. If no price list of the same currency exists in Brightpearl the product cannot be created.

You will also need to enter the cost price for the item, but in your base currency. This figure will be used to create a journal (in your base currency) to account for any inventory added into stock. This price will be stored onto the "COST" price list (this is the list which came with your account and has an ID of 1).

In this example the listing is in GBP but the Brightpearl account is in USD:

eBay Create international

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