Sales credits in the Xero connector

Sales credits created in Brightpearl are pushed to Xero once they reach a mapped status, typically "Sales credit complete".

Refunds can then be recorded in either Brightpearl or Xero, with the resulting transaction updating the other system.



Sales credits are only created in Xero once the credit in Brightpearl moves to the mapped status, to ensure that incomplete or uninvoiced sales credits do not get accounted for in Xero. The status is configured in the connector at Account settings > Brightpearl settings > Default configuration.


This should be the same status used for completed credits, which is set in Brightpearl at Settings > Sales > Credits workflow.



Fields between Brightpearl and Xero are mapped as follows:

Brightpearl Xero
Credit ref Credit Note number
Date created Date
Item code (SKU) Item code
Details Description
Qty Qty
Tax code Tax rate
Tax amount Tax amount
Credit total Credit total

The 'to' name, postal address and email address against the invoice in Xero are taken from the customer record in Xero.


Refund initiated in Xero

If you're managing accounts receivable in Xero you might choose to record the refund against the credit note in Xero. This refund will be pushed back to Brightpearl, marking the linked sales credit as paid.


Payment initiated in Brightpearl

If the refund is recorded in Brightpearl, it will be pushed to Xero once the return is credited.


Note: The refund can also be recorded in Brightpearl after the credit is completed.

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