Purchase credits in the Xero connector

In Brightpearl service items or free text rows are added to purchase credits to specify the number of units and the value to be credited. It isn't possible to link an inventory item to a purchase credit in order to write-off or return the goods to a supplier. Instead, goods are removed from stock using an inventory adjustment. Read more about returning items to your suppliers here.

Purchase credits created in Brightpearl are pushed to Xero once they reach a mapped status, typically 'Purchase credit complete'. Refunds made against the resulting credit note in Xero are then sent back to Brightpearl, marking the credit as refunded. Inventory corrections will also be synced and are discussed here.




The credit status on which to sync credits is set in the connector at Account settings > Brightpearl settings > Default configuration. This setting is to ensure that drafts and incomplete or uncredited PCs do not get accounted for in Xero. Once a purchase credit's status moves to this mapped status in Brightpearl, the connector will fetch the credit and create a new credit note in Xero. 


This should be the same status that is used for completed credits, which is set in Brightpearl at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.



Brightpearl field Xero field
Credit number Credit note reference
Date created Date
Credit total Credit total
Item code (SKU) Item code
Item code SKU 
Details Description
Qty Qty
Price Unit price
Tax code Tax rate
Tax amount Tax amount

The 'from' name and address against the bill in Xero are taken from the supplier record in Xero.





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