Products in the Xero connector

Products created in Brightpearl are pushed to Xero by the connector.

Items are linked by SKU, such that if a SKU exists in Xero and is subsequently created in Brightpearl then the two products will become linked.

Brightpearl is the product master, i.e.  , but not the other way round.


Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking must be disabled in Xero. If you currently have inventory managed items in Xero, they must be switched to non-tracked.

Learn more about inventory management in Xero here.


Fields between Brightpearl and Xero are mapped as follows:

Brightpearl field

Xero field

SKU Item code
Item name Item name
Long description (or item name if blank) Purchases description
Long description (or item name if blank) Sales description
Cost price (mapped in the connector config) Purchase unit price
Sales price (mapped in the connector config) Selling unit price

The cost of goods sold, sales and inventory asset accounts used in Xero are taken from Xero's configuration (these fields are not mapped from Brightpearl).


Products are fetched from Brightpearl and posted to Xero every 30 minutes.

They can then be viewed in Xero by navigating to Business > Products and Services.


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