Contacts in the Xero connector

Brightpearl and Xero both manage two types of contact:

  • customers (who buy from you)
  • vendors (who you buy from)

Contacts created in Brightpearl are created automatically in Xero when their first document, such as an invoice or credit note, is pushed from Brightpearl to Xero.



Fields between Brightpearl and Xero are mapped as follows:

Brightpearl field

Xero field

First name Primary person (first name)
Last name Primary person (last name)
Company Contact name
Telephone Phone
Email address Email
Default invoice address Street address
Default delivery address Postal address

A secondary contact in Brightpearl (i.e. a separate individual within a single company) is created as an additional person under the same contact in Xero.


The web app fetches all contacts from Brightpearl every 30 minutes.

Any new contact IDs found will be stored in the app and posted to Xero (where they are created as a new contact) once their first document is created.

For any previously synced contacts, changes made in Brightpearl to any of the mapped fields are posted to the connected contact in Xero.

Once the contact has been pushed to Xero it can be viewed at Contacts > Customers or Contacts > Suppliers


Please note:

  • Any changes to contacts in Xero will not be pushed back to Brightpearl.
  • Xero can handle a maximum of five email addresses per contact, so you should ensure that your Brightpearl contact database is aligned.
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