Avalara configuration

To set up and configure the integration, navigate to the Avalara app in the Brightpearl App Store, click Configure, then Setup. Brightpearl users must have the 'Settings' permission to be able to make these changes.


Entering your credentials


  • Enter your Avalara credentials in the Connector settings screen.
  • Enter the Account ID and the license key provided within your AvaTax admin portal.
  • Enter the Service URL (see below)
  • Click Test to ensure the credentials are correct
  • Save your settings

Service URLs

  • The correct Service URL to use for this integration is https://rest.avatax.com
  • If you're testing the integration with a Development / Sandbox AvaTax account, use https://sandbox-rest.avatax.com

Selecting the Avalara company

Each Avalara account allows you to associate order information with multiple companies. Select the company name you want to connect to.

Enabling the functionality

You're able to activate and de-activate the functionality provided by the integration independently of each other. Enable the functionality you're wanting your users to access in your Brightpearl account.


Configuring customer exemption and product tax code custom fields

If you deal with customers who have a tax exemption certificate, or with products which may have a special tax status, you will need to create custom fields in Brightpearl to store the this data to share with Avalara

  • Navigate to Settings > Custom field > Customers
  • Add a new 'freeform text' custom field for Avalara Customer exemption status (the name and tab of the custom field is your choice)
  • Navigate to Settings > Custom field > Products
  • Add a new 'freeform text' custom field for Avalara Product tax type (the name and tab of the custom field is your choice)

You then need to set these new custom fields in the Connector Settings, so the integration is aware which data to send Avalara during tax tax calculation and reporting invoices.

  • Navigate to the Avalara App's Connector Settings through the App Store
  • Update the 'Field to use for Avalara Product tax type' value to your new custom field
  • Update the 'Field to use for Avalara Customer exemption code' value to your new custom field
  • Save the settings


Any value in these fields will be included with the order information sent to Avalara for calculating sales tax and when reporting invoiced orders.

Configuring the Avalara Tax code for shipping and miscellaneous order rows

If you have entered a value into the custom field for a product, we will share that for Avalara to use when calculating taxes. However, rows that aren't linked to Products in Brightpearl don't have this option.

Where that is the case, you can specify the tax code to use on shipping rows (rows which have the nominal code specified for Shipping in your Chart of Accounts) by entering a value into the 'Product tax type to use for shipping rows' field.

Other items not linked to a product in Brightpearl nor with the shipping nominal code can be attributed a product tax type too by using the 'Product tax type to use for miscellaneous items'.

Note that neither of these fields are mandatory. If left blank, we will use Avalara's default tax type for Tangible Personal Property (TPP) of P0000000.

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