Avalara configuration

To set up and configure the integration, first install the Avalara app in the Brightpearl App Store. Then click Configure and Setup. Brightpearl users must have the 'Settings' permission to be able to make these changes.



Enter your credentials


Enter your Avalara credentials in the Connector settings screen:

  1. Enter your account ID and the key provided within your AvaTax admin portal
  2. Enter the service URL:
    • For live accounts, use https://rest.avatax.com
    • If you're testing the integration with a development or sandbox account, use https://sandbox-rest.avatax.com
  3. Click Test to ensure the credentials are correct
  4. Save your settings

Select the Avalara company

Each Avalara account allows you to associate order information with multiple companies.

Select the company name you want to connect to.

Enable functionality

You can activate and deactivate functionality provided by the integration independently of each other. Enable the functionality you want your users to be able to access in Brightpearl.  


The functionality is:

Specify tax codes

Select the tax code for the integration to apply to order rows where the row is found to be taxable or non-taxable. Read more about setting up tax codes in Brightpearl here.


Next read about setting up customer exemption and product tax types.

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