Reporting invoiced orders and credits to Avalara

In addition to tax calculation and address validation, Avalara offers a service to collate invoiced sales order and sales credit information from Brightpearl. Through Avalara's reporting suite, you can then access a complete breakdown of your tax liabilities, enabling you to file your tax reports to the appropriate authority.

Committing invoices to Avalara

In order to send your invoiced orders and credits to Avalara, go to your sales order or sales credits list,  then follow these steps:

  1. Filter the report to show the orders/credits you'd like to commit
  2. Batch select the orders/credits
  3. Open the "More actions" dropdown
  4. Select "Commit invoices to Avalara"


Any sales that are not invoiced will fail to commit.

Any that have already been committed will be ignored - the same transaction won't be sent multiple times.

Brightpearl will create a background task so you can continue working while your invoices are submitted. Click the link in the notification that appears to check the status, or, if you navigate away from the page, you can find your background tasks by selecting your profile name at the top of the page, followed by "Background tasks".


If you're displaying the "Tax status" column in your sales list, then you'll see a green "T" indicating that these orders have been committed.


You'll see a red "T" in the event of any errors. If that's the case, open the order and select "Calculate taxes" to see what the issue is. You can find more information by opening the "Tax" tab.

Once invoiced orders are committed, you'll be able to report on them from within your Avalara AvaTax account.

Cancelling invoices

Once an invoice has been committed, it cannot be uninvoiced in Brightpearl.

To reverse the invoice, clone it to a sales credit.

Note: If a transaction is voided in Avalara, it will not update the invoice in Brightpearl and it will still not be possible to uninvoice the order.

Online marketplaces

Avalara uses location codes to identify the marketplace from which your orders originated.

This lets you view and sort transactions made for each marketplace, and allows you to exclude transactions from AvaTax's calculations when a marketplace collects and pays for you.

As such, Brightpearl sends the order's channel name to AvaTax. 


This can be viewed in the location code field in Avalara.


If the marketplace remits on your behalf, you must ensure it is added to your company profile in Avalara. Read more about this in Avalara's help center.

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