Purchase orders in the Xero connector

Purchase orders created in Brightpearl are pushed to Xero once they reach a mapped status, typically 'Invoice Received'. Payments made against the resulting bill in Xero are then sent back to Brightpearl, marking the order as paid.



The order status on which to sync purchases is set in the connector at Account settings > Brightpearl settings > Default configuration. This is to ensure that drafts and incomplete or uninvoiced POs do not get accounted for in Xero. Once a purchase order's status moves to this mapped status in Brightpearl, the connector will fetch the order and create a new, approved bill in Xero. 


This should be the same status that is used for invoiced purchases, which is set in Brightpearl at Settings > Purchases > Purchase settings.



Fields between Brightpearl and Xero are mapped as follows:

Brightpearl field Xero field
Invoice number Bill number
Date created Date
Invoice total Bill total
Item code (SKU) Item code
Details Description
Qty Qty
Price Unit price
Tax code Tax rate
Tax amount Tax amount

The 'from' name and address against the bill in Xero are taken from the supplier record in Xero.



Receiving inventory and invoicing

Important! In Xero, the action of approving a bill both creates the accounting for the invoice and increases the inventory levels for items included in that bill. In other words, it is not possible to receive inventory before the bill is approved or vice versa.

In Brightpearl however, receiving stock and recording an invoice are separate actions. It is possible to receive inventory and therefore increase available stock (and even sell that stock) before receiving the invoice. However, these changes will not be reflected in the Xero until the PO is invoiced in Brightpearl as Xero will not increase inventory until the bill is approved.

It is important to be aware of this limitation and to accommodate it into your purchase order processes when using the connector.


Once a purchase order has been sent to Xero it can be accessed by navigating to Business > Bills to Pay.


When you record a payment in Xero (by adding a payment against a bill or via payment reconciliation through a bank feed), the order's status is updated in the connector and the payment details are posted back to Brightpearl.

Deposits and prepayments


If you pay your supplier before goods are received then you should create this payment via a bill in Xero coded to ‘prepayments’ as per the images below:



When the goods are received in Brightpearl and the purchase order invoiced, the document will be fetched by the connector and posted to Xero. When you open the invoice in Xero, a popup will ask if you'd like to allocate the prepayment against the invoice. Select Allocate. This will automatically mark the purchase invoice as paid in Brightpearl too.


Landed costs

Please note, landed costs allocated against purchase orders in Brightpearl will not be reflected against the purchase order or inventory value in Xero.

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