Data synchronization in the Xero connector

New and updated data is fetched and posted between Brightpearl and Xero automatically every 30 minutes. Synchronization may also be triggered manually from within the connector UI.

Order of syncs

The connector uses cron jobs to fetch data from one system then post it to the other. Every 30 minutes, these jobs will run in the following sequence:

  • Fetch new and updated products from Brightpearl
  • Fetch new and updated customers and suppliers from Brightpearl
  • Fetch purchase orders/credits that have reached the mapped status from Brightpearl
  • Post new supplier bills/credit notes to Xero (also create and update suppliers/products where required)
  • Fetch new payments/refunds against previously synced bills/credits from Xero
  • Post purchase payments/refunds against orders/credits in Brightpearl
  • Fetch sales orders/credits that have reached the mapped status from Brightpearl
  • Post new sales invoices/credit notes to Xero (also create and update customers/products where required)
  • Fetch sales payments/refunds from Brightpearl
  • Post payments/refunds against invoices/credits in Xero
  • Fetch new sales payments/refunds against previously synced invoices/credits from Xero
  • Post new sales payments/refunds against orders/credits in Brightpearl
  • Fetch inventory adjustments from Brightpearl
  • Post inventory adjustments to Xero

With regards to new products and contacts, these will be fetched when the job runs, however they will only be posted to Xero when the first document (e.g. invoice) requiring them is posted. 

As these jobs run automatically, it is not required to trigger them manually unless as part of testing or troubleshooting.

Synchronization status

The sync status of each record can be viewed in the connector by navigating to the relevant screen, e.g. select the Contacts menu item from the left-hand panel to view the status of customers/suppliers fetched from Brightpearl. This will take you to a listing screen showing various details including this status.


Status Description
Pending The data has been fetched from Brightpearl and is pending posting to Xero
Sent The data has been successfully sent to Xero
Updated The data has been updated in Brightpearl and is pending posting to Xero
Error An error has occurred syncing the data from Brightpearl to Xero
Archive The data has been set to archived in the connector

Manual sync

The option to manually force a sync (rather than waiting for the automated job discussed above) is typically only used when testing the integration or if there is a need to push data immediately.

To perform a manual sync, select the record type from the left-hand menu of the web app, i.e. products, contacts, sales invoices, sales credits, purchase invoices, purchase credits, or inventory adjustments.

You will see Fetch and Post buttons at the top right of the screen. These options will fetch and post all new/updated data for this record type.


Alternatively, this can be done at a line level (i.e. to sync a particular record) using the buttons found in the Tools drop-down under the Actions header.


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