Tax regimes

A tax regime acts as a category for your tax codes. It allows you to group tax codes together and report on transactions belonging to these groups using report filters.

Default tax regimes are already configured in your Brightpearl account, so you only need to create new regimes if you report tax in more than one country and wish to segment reporting by these separate tax liabilities.

This is especially relevant in VAT mode accounts where you may need to exclude certain tax codes from the VAT return. The VAT return (standard scheme) will only include transactions assigned to tax codes in the "VAT" tax regime and will exclude anything else.

Note: Tax regimes are not supported for the cash scheme.

Currently, all tax codes display on the US sales tax reports, i.e. these reports are not affected by tax regimes.

How to add a tax regime

  1. Go to Settings > Tax > Tax regimes
  2. Click Add tax regimes
  3. Enter a name for the regime and choose the tax codes that make up the regime
  4. Click the Save button


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