Adding destinations and products to a transfer

Before you can fulfill your transfers, you'll need to add products and destinations.

This article describes how you can add these to a transfer using the Edit Transfers page.

Adding destinations

Users will need to add destinations to the transfer in order to start setting transfer quantities and eventually creating goods out notes to each. Users can add up to ten destinations to the edit page.

To add destinations to your transfer

  1. Open the "More Actions" menu in the page header
  2. Click on "Add Destinations" to open the "Add destination warehouses" modal
  3. Select the warehouses that you’d like to add to the page, and save.

Adding products

You’ll need to add products to the transfer before you can set the transfer quantities and create goods out notes. Each product can only appear once per transfer, and it's possible to add up to 1800 products.

Warning: Be aware that while there are no hard limits to the page, it becomes data heavy as more products are added, and performance may be compromised.

There are three different ways to add products to the transfer - by keying them in individually, by scanning them, or by searching for them.

Keying products in to the transfer

  1. Place your cursor in the Product field
  2. Start to type the product Name or SKU
  3. Select your product from the list of results


Note: Keep typing the Name or SKU if you need to reduce the list of results.

Scanning products onto the transfer

If you have a barcode scanner connected, simply scan the product’s barcode. The product will appear under the Source warehouse panel.

It’s possible to scan products in even when the product panel is hidden.

Searching for products to add to the transfer

  1. Open the "Actions" menu in the product panel
  2. Click on "Add Products" to open the "Add Products" modal
  3. Add filters to define the products you’re looking for.
    • Note that you can use a single filter (for example all items of a certain brand) or you can combine several (for example, looking for the word "Jeans" from the supplier "Levi’s").
  4. Click "Apply filter" to generate a list of matches
  5. If required, add additional criteria and filter again
  6. When you’re ready, select the products you’d like to add from the list. You can select multiple products at a time
  7. Click "Add selected" to add the selected products to the Edit Transfers page, or "Add all results" to add everything that the filters have returned. You can also choose whether to exclude items that have no on hand stock in the source warehouse.


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