Magento export credit memos interaction

A credit memo is a document that shows the amount that is due to the customer for a full or partial refund. A Magento credit memo can only be created via the UI against invoices, or orders that have been invoiced. A Magento credit memo may have a status of Open or Refunded (the status Cancelled is not supported).

When a credit memo is created in Magento, a Sales Credit will be created in Brightpearl automatically.

To enable the creation of sales credits of credit memo you will need to first run the import settings interaction, then configure required settings so it can run successfully.

1. Go to “Brightpearl Integration configuration” in your Magento 2 connector.

2. Scroll down to “Interaction: Export Creditmemo”. Set Enabled to ‘Yes’.


3. Go to “Brightpearl Interactions” > “Import Brightpearl settings” > click “Execute” button. It will fetch the data from Brightpearl.


4. Go back to Interaction: Export Creditmemo section, you will see that Sales Credit Order Status drop-down menu now has options to choose from. Select an order status for sales credits to be created with.


5. Select whether to create refunds in Brightpearl when a refund transaction has been performed against the credit memo. To enable Refunds and Quarantine, switch the following settings to 'Yes'. 


6. Select which quarantine warehouse inventory should be used when adding inventory to Brightpearl and specify which price list should be used to determine inventory value when adding inventory to Brightpearl. Specify if you want items to be returned to their default location or quarantine location of the warehouse. You can later move inventory from the quarantine location and make it available for sale.
Learn more about quarantine locations here. 

7. There are two triggers that execute interaction: “On creditmemo created” and “On creditmemo queued” they both need to be enabled. NOTE: if not enabled, it will be impossible to import credit memos from Magento, nothing will be added to the queue. 

“On creditmemo created” listens when a credit memo is created from the admin screen.

“On creditmemo queued” is a monitoring mechanism (in case the export fails, it will be queued again and resubmitted).


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