Amazon pending orders

When a customer places an order on Amazon, the order is held in a "pending" state for at least 30 minutes.

During that time, Amazon carries out several checks, such as authorizing the payment, and the customer is able to cancel the order via their Amazon account. Once the checks are complete, Amazon confirms the order and it becomes available for Brightpearl to download.

This means that there's a delay between the order being placed on Amazon and the order being created in Brightpearl. Inventory for the order is not allocated until the order downloads into Brightpearl, which may mean that unit can sell elsewhere before the order is created.

Orders can remain pending for up to 21 days, increasing the likelihood of overselling.

In order to mitigate problems around overselling, Brightpearl has the capacity to download pending orders within minutes of them being placed in order to allocate items against them.

Benefits of downloading pending orders

For many merchants, there's no need to download pending orders. However, you may wish to enable the functionality if:

  • You sell a high volume of items on channels other than Amazon
  • You do not hold high quantities of inventory

Both scenarios make overselling more likely and thus you may wish to allocate stock as soon as possible.

Configuration and setup

In order to enable the pending order download functionality, go to the settings for your Amazon channel under Channels > Amazon > Settings, and check the box that reads Download pending orders (FBM and FBA).

Simply uncheck the box to disable the functionality.


You will also be required to set an order status for pending orders, as well as specify a contact ID for the orders to be created against.

Status for pending orders

Set an order status for pending orders, to differentiate them from orders which need to be processed. This status will apply to both FBM and FBA orders.

Once the order is confirmed by Amazon, its order status will update to match the order status for an FBM or FBA order.

Learn more about order statuses here.

Important: Please make sure that you do not have any automation rules that will change your pending order status before it gets updated. Pending orders whose statuses have been changed will not update once Amazon confirms that the order has been moved to a "ready" state. 

Pending order contact ID

Amazon does not provide any personal identifying information (PII) with pending orders, so pending orders must be downloaded against a dedicated customer record.

Once the customer has been created, enter its contact ID in this field. You can find its contact ID under the customer’s record.

The anonymous customer must have:

  • A first and last name
  • A unique email address
  • An address with the following lines filled out:
    • First line
    • City
    • Postcode/ZIP code
    • Country

As these details will never be used except during the pending order stage, you can use any placeholder text that is valid (i.e. an email in the form of and a valid postcode/ZIP code format), as long as the fields are populated.


Downloading pending orders

When an order downloads while "pending" it will be missing certain information:

  • Customer details
    Brightpearl will create the order against the “anonymous customer” as specified in the channel settings. The customer will be changed to the correct customer once the order has been confirmed and Brightpearl receives the details.
  • Item prices and order total
    Brightpearl will set the prices of all items on the order to zero until the order is confirmed, at which point Brightpearl will update the order.
  • Purchase order number (for business orders)
    The purchase order number appears in the Buyer Information section, which isn't available for pending orders.

Inventory will be allocated when the pending order is created, and unallocated if the order is cancelled.

The allocation will follow the same rules as "ready" orders, with FBA orders being allocated from your FBA warehouse, and FBM orders being allocated from your "Allocation" warehouse.

Pending order moves to a "ready" state

After Amazon confirms the order payment, Brightpearl will update the order with correct customer details, new order status, items price, and order total.

If at the point of payment confirmation, the pending order has been marked as:

  • shipped
  • invoiced
  • paid

or if the pending order's order status has been changed, the order will not move to a "ready" state, and a channel alert will be issued.

Cancelled orders

If an order is cancelled while in the “pending” state:

  • The inventory is deallocated against the order
  • The order status changes to the system's cancelled order status (as defined under Settings > Sales > Sales workflow)

The order will remain against the anonymous pending order contact record, in the "Cancelled" status.

If an order was cancelled immediately after it was placed Brightpearl won’t download the cancelled order.

If at the point of cancellation, the pending order has been marked as:

  • shipped
  • invoiced
  • paid

or if the pending order's order status has been changed, the order will not be cancelled, and a channel alert will be issued.

Pending orders older than 21 days

If an order is in the pending status for more than 21 days, Brightpearl will not download it (regardless of whether it moves into a "ready" state) and a channel alert will be generated.

If the order is cancelled, Brightpearl will not update the status and deallocate the inventory.

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