Amazon pending orders

When an item sells on Amazon, the order is held in the “pending” state for at least 30 minutes. During this time, Amazon carries out different checks, such as authorizing the payment. Whilst in the pending state, the customer is able to cancel the order via their Amazon account. Sometimes, the pending time is longer than 30 minutes, for example, if the customer’s payment method fails and it takes them a few days to update their card details in Amazon, the order can be pending for up to 21 days - that may lead to overselling.

“Download pending orders” feature allows Brightpearl to download orders within minutes after being placed on Amazon, and allocate items against them.

Please read all of the setup instructions below. If you have any configuration questions reach out to our support team or your dedicated technical account manager so they may confirm you are properly setup.


To enable the feature go to Amazon marketplace settings and select “Download pending orders”.

Status for pending orders

You will need to select the status for pending orders. After the order is confirmed by Amazon, order status will be changed to the one specified for FBM and FBA orders in Amazon marketplace settings. Learn more about order statuses here.

Pending order contact ID

Pending orders need to be downloaded against an anonymous customer as Amazon does not provide all the details of the customer on pending orders until all checks are completed and passed.

You can find the customer’s system ID under the customer’s record.

The anonymous customer MUST have:

  • a UNIQUE email address
  • a first name
  • a valid address (first line and postcode/ZIP at a minimum)


Download of pending order

When an order downloads while “pending” it will not have the following information on it:

  • Customer details
    Brightpearl will use the “anonymous customer” and switch the customer on the order when the details are received.
  • Item prices and order total cost
    Brightpearl will use zero prices and zero total cost until these details are received, at which point Brightpearl will update the order.

Inventory will be allocated when the pending order is created, and deallocated if the order is cancelled.

Pending order moves to a “ready’ state

After Amazon confirms the order payment, Brightpearl then will update the order with correct customer details, new order status, items price, and order total.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you do not have any automation rules that will be changing your pending order status before it gets updated, otherwise pending orders with changed status will not be able to get updated once Amazon confirms that the order has been moved to "ready" status. 

Cancelled orders

If an order is cancelled while in the “pending” state, it moves to the system-defined “cancelled order status” and items will be deallocated. The order will stay cancelled under the anonymous contact record.

If an order was cancelled immediately after it was placed, Brightpearl won’t download the cancelled order.

In the following cases, the order will NOT be canceled (and an integration alert will be provided):

- Order is shipped

- Order is invoiced

- Order is paid

Note: If an order stays in the “pending” state longer than 22 days, Brightpearl won’t cancel and deallocate the order. It needs to be done manually.

Amazon FBA pending order and marking orders as shipped

There is a setting that allows to mark FBA GON as shipped automatically.


If you select to download pending orders and want to mark FBA orders as shipped automatically, it will still be possible. Brightpearl will download the pending order and won’t mark it as shipped until the order is confirmed by Amazon. Only after the order is confirmed, Brighpearl will mark it as shipped if you chose to.

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