Correcting or deleting landed costs

If a landed cost was inputted incorrectly it can be deleted as long as no accounting entries have been made - in other words, as long as no items relating to the landed cost have been received into stock on the purchase order.

If the items have been received, but not shipped it is possible to un-allocate the items from any sales orders, un-receive the items on the purchase order, delete the landed cost, allocate the correct landed cost (if appropriate) and then re-receive the items into stock. The easiest way to un-receive all items on a purchase order is to delete the goods-in note(s) via the inventory detail report.

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How to delete landed costs

Landed costs can only be deleted where no accounting entries have been made, this means that none of the stock has been received into stock.

  1. Go to Purchases > Landed Costs Report.
  2. Click Delete next to the landed cost.
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