Contacts and helpdesk related widgets

These widgets display information related to contacts and their helpdesk tickets.

A contact can be a customer, a vendor or a staff member. 

Recent activity

The recent activity widget displays a summary of of recent activity staff members have made against all of your customer and vendor records. This includes notes added to contact timelines and against sales or purchase orders, along with a summary of any journal entries made which link to a contact record.


It can be filtered by contact, and also has a unique filter called the "Recent activity filters":


You can use the filters to search for key words in the recent activity or to filter by the staff member associated with the activity. You can also choose which kinds of activities to display:

  • Activities
  • Tickets
  • Orders
  • Accounts
  • Statuses
  • Notes and calls

Contacts by status or tag

These widgets display your contacts in a pie chart broken down by their contact status or by their tags. You can additionally choose to break them down by country, the staff member who owns or created them, their lead source or their trade status.


You can filter this widget using contact filters, and restrict it to contacts who were created or last ordered within a certain date range.

Contacts created

This widget shows you how many contacts were created within a specific date range.


It can be filtered by the Contact filters.

Tickets by category and status

These widgets display tickets in a pie chart broken down by their category or status. You can also break them down by the staff member who created or owns them or by their rating.


Filter this report using the Ticket and Contact filters.

Tickets raised

This widget displays the number of tickets raised over a specified date range.


You can filter the widget using the Ticket and Contact filters, as well as break the data down by contact or helpdesk attributes.

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