Dashboards permissions

Data can be sensitive and this article will help you understand how Brightpearl dashboards' permissions can be configured so your collaborators see the data that is meaningful to them - and only this.

View vs Edit permission

Two new permissions are introduced in the staff settings:

  • Dashboards > View
  • Dashboards > Edit.

If you don't have any dashboard permission: you cannot see the dashboards menu at all and any saved dashboard page shows an error when loaded. 

If you have a view permission: that's the default permission for a staff member when dashboards are enabled. However, that does not mean that you will be able to view a dashboard unless a user with edit permission makes you a viewer of this dashboard. Additionally, you will need a user with edit permission to assign a dashboard to you in order to see it under "My dashboards".

If you have an edit permission: you can see all dashboards in "List dashboards" and "My dashboards", as well as view each dashboard's details, edit it, make another user a viewer for it and assign another user to this dashboard.

Users with the "Accounts > Management Reports" permission get the "Dashboards > Edit" permission assigned by default when enabling the dashboards feature.

Assign a dashboard to a user and/or make a user a viewer of the dashboard

Users with "Dashboards > Edit" permission can see all dashboards and set up other users to be able to view dashboards as well as be assigned dashboards (view dashboards in their "My dashboards" list).

To make a dashboard available for a user via their "My dashboards" list, you need to select to edit the dashboard, then select the user in the list of "Assigned". The list of "Assigned" contains all users except the ones that do not have any dashboard permission. If the selected user has only view dashboard permission you need to also select the same user in the list of "Viewers".

To make a dashboard only viewable by users (that dashboard is found only in the "List dashboards" for these users), you need select the user from the "Viewers" list. The "Viewers" list contains only the users that have view dashboard permission only. 



Actions depending on permissions and assigned rights

Here is a comparison of actions that can be performed depending on dashboards permissions and rights assigned by a user with edit dashboards permission: 

Action Dashboards > Edit ON

Dashboards > View ON

No permissions on dashboards
View dashboard menu icon  15-512.png 15-512.png   19-512.png
View dashboard at "All dashboards" list and the dashboard's details  15-512.png 


Only if I am set up as a viewer of the dashboard

View dashboard at "My dashboards" list and the dashboard's details  15-512.png 


Only if I am set up as a viewer of the dashboard AND I have been assigned the dashboard

Set up a user to be a viewer for a dashboard 15-512.png  19-512.png 19-512.png
Set up a user to be assigned a dashboard 15-512.png  19-512.png  19-512.png
Create dashboard 15-512.png  19-512.png 19-512.png
Edit dashboard (Add widgets, clone widgets, remove widgets, filter widgets) 15-512.png  19-512.png 19-512.png
Clone dashboard 15-512.png  19-512.png 19-512.png
Delete dashboard 15-512.png  19-512.png 19-512.png



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