Dashboards overview


This is an introduction to Brightpearl's dashboards feature. A dashboard is a panel displaying key information for your business through widgets. The information can be filtered at both dashboard and widget level to ensure you get the most of your data.

This article will detail how to access dashboards as well as how to create and edit them.

For more details on how the current functionality will be replaced please read about the New core dashboards.

Dashboards List

This is accessed through the top menu bar under dashboards. You can choose to display all dashboards created across your business or only the dashboards assigned to you using "My dashboards".


From this list, if you have sufficient rights you can create, edit, clone or delete a dashboard.

(see Dashboards permissions for more details)

Create a dashboard

When creating a dashboard, you will be asked to choose a name, assigned users (optional), viewers (optional) and a layout. Note that all of those can be later edited if needed.



Once you have chosen the above and clicked save the dashboard is saved and can be accessed later. You will now be editing the dashboard. From this screen you can change the dashboards name, add widgets, resize and move them around, apply filters to the dashboards or widgets, and create presets.

Add widgets

Brightpearl's new dashboards let you add new data visualisations to your dashboards using 'widgets'. You will be able to add widgets relative to your orders, products, contacts, accounting and more. A widget can be extensively adjusted to match the exact information you need.

To add a widget, simply click the add widget button on your dashboard (make sure you are in edit mode). You will be presented with a modal of all available widgets to add.


Here you can choose the widgets you wish to add. The displayed list can be filtered (the filter works by name and description) for quick access to widgets specific to your needs.


Each selected widget will be added under the previously selected ones in the same column.


You can move (top right corner) or resize (bottom right corner) the widgets by dragging them around.


Once you are satisfied with the widgets you've added, save the dashboard.

Filter information

Brightpearl's dashboards offer extensive customisation of the displayed data through filters. Widgets can be individually filtered while dashboards have a more limited set of filters that applies to all widgets, enabling high level changes.

For details on filtering please refer to the More on dashboards filters article. For more details on widgets types and their specific filters please refer to the Dashboards widgets section.


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