Sending a purchase order to your vendor

Once you've created your purchase order and added all the items to it, you can send it to your vendor (supplier).

To do so, open the purchase order and click "Email/print".

The order will display using the purchase order template set against the order's channel branding. If the purchase order is not assigned a channel, the template from the default channel brand is used.

You can also click "Change template" to choose a new template.

Here's a typical purchase order template:


Click Email and choose your recipient email address(es).

Enter a message for the email, and click Send.


The Purchase order will be updated to the status you have set for this workflow, and a note will be added to the order history. A PDF copy will be stored for future reference.


Price list (supplier/vendor) SKUs

If your vendor uses different SKUs for your products, then you can create a cost price list specifically for this vendor, containing their SKUs.

Learn more about price list SKUs here.

Grid mode for purchase orders

If you're ordering products that have lots of variations, you might prefer to use a template design that puts one of the options into a column. This is the same purchase order as the above template, using the "grid layout", also known as matrix printing:


You can set up the grid layout by using the column configuration settings in the Edit template screen. To access it, go to Settings > Templates > Document templates and click the pencil next to your purchase order template.

Read more about template design and layouts, including how to configure a grid, here.

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