Reporting on returns

Every business needs to know why customers are returning goods, which goods are causing the most returns, and what the financial impact of returns is.

Brightpearl allows you to report on returns in the following ways.

Why are customers returning items?

You'll need to capture this information when you create sales credits.

When using back office for returns, it's best done using a select list custom field, so your reporting segments are useful. 


Operators can choose from a list of values in the Custom fields tab on the sales credit. 

The sales credits list can be filtered to show only credits with a certain custom field value:


The sales detail report can't be filtered by custom field, but you can add sales custom fields as columns for export.

Revenue impact of returns

When sales credits are completed (credited) an SC accounting journal is created.

Filter the general ledger report to show only SC transactions, which you can then export to analyze by channel, customer and so on.

Alternatively, filter the sales detail report to show only sales credit statuses, and add cost and revenue columns as you need:


Returns via POS and WMS

If you're using WMS or POS for returns, then you won't be able to use custom fields as described above but you can use a field called "return reason", set up at Settings > Sales > Return reasons.

Currently this is not available for reporting within Brightpearl but plans are in place to make it available.


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