Introduction to transfers in WMS

"Inventory transfers", warehouse transfers" or "external transfers" refer to the action of moving inventory from one warehouse to another.

This includes updating the system (amending the inventory levels and the corresponding accounting updates), and the real-life processes of transferring the physical stock from one place to another.

The WMS transfer module builds on Brightpearl's existing transfers functionality by providing a more intuitive configuration interface and by offering a higher level of functionality, such as:

  • Intelligent assigning of quantities based on current levels and reorder points
  • Better overview of inventory levels at the source and destination warehouses
  • The ability to add products to transfers by scanning the product barcodes
  • The option to bypass the goods out / receipt processes
  • Configuring transfers to several warehouses simultaneously

Overview of warehouse transfers

Here's a high level example of how a manager can arrange the transfer items between warehouses using WMS:

  1. Create a new transfer in WMS and choose a source warehouse.
  2. Add one or more destination warehouses.
  3. Add products to the transfer.
  4. Choose the quantity of items to transfer, either manually or using functions.
  5. Fulfill the transfer - this will create a goods out note which you can pick, pack and ship in the normal way.
  6. If you’ve fulfilled a goods out note, you’ll need to receive a delivery at the destination warehouse(s). Create a delivery and associate it with a transfer, then receive and put away items in the normal way.

Roles and permissions

Warehouse transfers is a feature that needs to be turned on by Brightpearl staff. When you have it activated, you’ll see a "Transfers" item in the main menu:


Associate Permissions

Associates are not able to create or configure transfers. They can, however, use the transfers module as a point of navigation, to look up goods out notes or deliveries that are associated with a certain transfer.

Associates are also able to process goods out notes or deliveries that are associated with transfers as they would any other.

Manager Permissions

Managers are able to perform the same functions as associates are.

In addition, they are also able to create, edit, clone, fulfill and delete warehouse transfers.

Synchronization with Brightpearl

Where Brightpearl only allows you to configure transfers from one warehouse to one destination, WMS allows you to configure transfers from one warehouse to several destinations.

As a result it's not possible to maintain a one-to-one relationship between the two systems. This means that:

  • Transfers will not be synchronized between the two systems until they are fulfilled.
    It's not possible to start configuring a transfer in one system and finish configuring it in the other.
  • Transfers created from Brightpearl won't appear in WMS's list of transfers.
    The related goods out notes can still be dispatched and received via WMS’s Goods Out and Deliveries modules.
  • Transfers created from WMS won’t appear in Brightpearl's list of transfers until they are fulfilled
    Before the transfer is fulfilled in WMS you won’t see any record of it in Brightpearl. Once the transfer has been fulfilled in WMS you'll see one transfer in Brightpearl's Inventory Transfers list for each of the destinations. The related goods out notes will also appear in the Due to ship list (Sales > Due to ship).
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