Stock availability and warehouse priorities

You can set transfer quantities in WMS using a number of different controls and functions. Although it's not possible to set quantities below zero, WMS won't impose an upper limit on the value.

This means you might find that quantities are increased to the point where there is insufficient on hand inventory available in the source warehouse to fulfill the transfer. If this happens, WMS will prevent you from fulfilling the transfers.

Therefore it's important to be aware of how to identify when there's insufficient inventory to fulfill a transfer, and how the impact can be mitigated.

Identifying products with insufficient inventory

If there's insufficient on hand inventory of a product at the source warehouse to meet demand for that product at a destination, WMS will highlight these lines by shading them red.


You won’t be able to create goods notes if not enough inventory is available, so you should check the page for any red lines and adjust them accordingly.

Warehouse priorities

Warehouse priorities are relevant when there’s only enough inventory of a product at the source warehouse to meet demand at some (but not all) of the destination warehouses.

Warehouses will take the priority of the order in which they are added - the first warehouse to be added takes the highest priority, and the most recently added warehouse takes the lowest.

Destination warehouse panels are added to the display from left to right, so the destination warehouse furthest to the left has the highest priority.

Inventory of a product will be distributed in order of warehouse priority - where there’s not enough available, the line will be shaded red.


Changing the warehouse priorities

You can reorder the warehouses on screen to change their priorities:

  1. Open the "More Actions" menu in the page header and select "Warehouse Priorities"
  2. In the modal, drag the warehouses into the order you’d like
  3. Once you’re happy with the order, click Save.


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