Received quantity discrepancies

You may find that on occasion, you are not sent the exact number of items that you've ordered. This article will explain how to approach those scenarios.


Say you've placed an order for 10 units, but your vendor has made a mistake and sent 11.

WMS allows you to "over-receive" - you can enable or disable this option this under Settings > Deliveries.

Over-received rows are colored yellow. Over-received inventory will be pushed into Brightpearl and the relevant purchase order row will show more received than was ordered.

To record an over-receipt:

  1. Create a new delivery.
  2. Associate the delivery to the purchase order you're receiving.
  3. Scan the products. If you've scanned more products than were on the purchase order, you'll see the yellow lines at this point.
  4. Add a comment and Park the delivery. We recommend you also change the delivery status to something that denotes a discrepancy.

Checking parked deliveries should be part of a manager’s daily tasks. As a manager, you'll need to take the following steps to update the system correctly:

  1. In Brightpearl, update the associated purchase order to match the received quantity.
  2. Return to the WMS deliveries list and find the associated delivery.
  3. Select the delivery and click "Update associations" on the delivery list (or use "Update order" on the delivery screen) to get the latest order information from Brightpearl.


Perhaps 10 of an item were on order but the vendor has made a mistake and sent only 9.

Rows that are not yet fully received are colored red. You can update Brightpearl with only the items you've scanned in using the "Receive selection" button.

You should add a comment and change the status of the delivery to an appropriate status.

If the remainder of the purchase order arrives in a separate delivery, you should create a new delivery and handle it in exactly the same way.

You may also wish to split these items to a new purchase order in Brightpearl to allow them to be received independently at a later date.


Finally, WMS allows operators to receive products that are not on purchase orders in the delivery. This could be where a vendor substitution is acceptable - for example, if the vendor has sent the item in pink instead of red.

On scanning the substitution, you will be given a prompt asking if you'd like to add it to the order. If yes, WMS will ask for an expected delivery quantity and add a new row for this product. Because this product does not exist on any of the orders in the deliveries being received, WMS will set the order ID to 0.

To maintain the integrity of WMS, we recommend that in the event of these situations the warehouse associate adds a note and then Parks the delivery, changing the status to something appropriate.

In that way, a supervisor or manager can review any issues and resolve them accordingly.

The important thing is to ensure that the order, received quantities and vendor invoices always match.

Note: You must have "Prevent over-receiving against associated deliveries" disabled under Settings > Deliveries to allow substitutions.

Resolving quantity differences and substitutions

In order to keep WMS and Brightpearl accurate, it’s important to ensure that delivery quantities in WMS match the order quantities in Brightpearl.

When there’s a discrepancy in WMS, use the delivery status to inform a manager.

The associated Brightpearl order(s) need to be updated to match the delivery. Once item quantities match, set the delivery in WMS back to Receiving, select it on the deliveries list and choose Update associations.

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