Batch processing

Most warehouses try and process goods out notes in batches for increased efficiency.

It's wise to group goods out notes based on sensible values - for example, do all goods out notes with priority next day shipping a batch first, before moving onto the next shipping method.

Once a goods out note is in a batch, it cannot be added to any other batches. You’ll get a warning message if you attempt to batch process it along with any others.

Adding goods out notes to a batch

You can add goods notes to a batch from the goods out notes list, under Goods out > Notes.

Simply select the goods notes you want to add to a batch and click Print, Pick or Pack. You will be prompted to add the goods out note to a batch before performing the action.

Alternatively, you can click More actions > Batch.


When creating the batch, you will be prompted to give it a unique reference and assign it to a staff member or team.


Removing a goods out note from a batch

The "break from batch" functionality can be used to remove a troublesome goods out note from a batch if there’s no stock, if there’s a problem with the delivery address or any other matter.

You might want to flag the goods out note and add a comment too. Someone else (or you at a later time) can then filter to show flagged goods out notes and work through them to find a solution.

  1. Open the Goods out > Notes list and find your goods out note
  2. Select it, and from the More actions button choose "Break from batch"

Merging batches

"Merge batches" can be used if you want to bring two or more batches together.

  1. Go to Goods out > Batches and select the batches you want to merge.
  2. Click the "Merge batches" button at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose which batch to retain as the "target batch" - the others will be merged into this batch.
  4. Click the "Merge" button.


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