Printing in WMS

Typically, each customer order would have a paper delivery note or invoice put in with the goods.

You can print these documents from WMS using the button at the top of the goods out notes screen, found under Goods out > Notes.


  1. Select one or several goods out notes from Goods out > Notes.
  2. Click Print. If multiple were selected you’ll be given the option to create a new batch, which lets you manage this group of goods out notes through the whole process to shipment.
    • If you’ve got multiple people in the warehouse, you may wish to assign the batch to a user. If you have teams configured, you can assign a team instead.
  3. You’ll now be taken to a list of the goods out notes to be printed, displayed using templates as defined by the channel and shipping method on the orders.
    If you have silent printing turned on, paper should start coming out of your printer right away. Otherwise just click to print from your browser.
  4. Once documents are printed, you are returned to the Goods out > Notes page.
  5. If you’re going to pick now, move onto the pick stage.

Note: Once a goods out note is printed, trying to print it again will display a warning, intended to prevent multiple people from printing the same goods out note on different machines, and prevent over-shipping due to multiple users processing duplicate paper copies.


Brightpearl WMS uses a powerful templating system to print documents. A template can be set up for each shipping method, so that different goods out notes may print with different layouts for different carrier services. Further to this, each channel has a separate set of templates, which allows you to have channel-specific branding on your templates.

Templates are created and edited in Brightpearl, and chosen in WMS settings.

Learn more about templates in WMS here.

Auto printing

When packing batches, goods out notes can also be set to auto-print.

Turn on auto-printing using the button at the top of the Batch Packing list. As soon as a new goods out note is opened to pack, WMS will automatically print a physical copy of the goods out.


Silent printing

If you use Google Chrome, you can set it up to print without prompting the user to choose a printer and confirm, which saves a click or two and some time.

Read more about silent printing here.

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