Customer returns

When goods arrive at your warehouse from a customer, you’ll be in one of two situations:

1. Sales Credit already exists in Brightpearl
When the customer originally spoke to your business, one of your team will have created a Sales Credit (RMA), and perhaps sent some documentation to the customer or added some notes. The customer should include the SC reference or ID with the package.

2. Sales Credit does not yet exist
Sometimes there won’t be a Sales Credit in Brightpearl to associate to a customer return. In this case, WMS allows you to create the Sales Credit as part of the process. We call this “blind returns”.

If you have an RMA or returns document with the goods, then you know to follow the first route. If you don’t have any Sales Credit information with the goods, there may still be one in Brightpearl. You should first search by trying to associate an existing SC to the delivery, and only create a new SC if one is not found.

Step 1 : search for existing Sales Credit

  1. Create a new Delivery
  2. Choose the Associate to button
  3. Find the sales credit … not found? Go to step 2
  4. Click Save to create a delivery
  5. Receive the items on the delivery

Step 2 : if Sales Credit does not exist

  1. Create a new Delivery
  2. Choose the Create a return button
  3. Find the original sales order
  4. Click Continue

WMS will look for shipped goods out notes for the original order, and any existing credits to date. What’s left over is the quantity you could possibly receive now.


  1. Scan the items being returned, or use the keyboard to enter quantities received.
  2. Confirm the location.
  3. Click Continue 

You can now;

  • Set which order status you’d like the sales credit to be created on. There’s a setting under Settings > Deliveries where you can set a default status.
  • Capture any information as a note. This is optional, and anything added here will be added to the sales credit as an order note.
  • Set any custom fields you’ve activated under Settings > Deliveries. This is also optional.

Once you’re happy click Create. WMS will then create the sales credit in Brightpearl, receive the inventory against it, create the delivery in WMS and associate it to the new sales credit.

The end result is a received delivery in WMS, and a received sales credit in Brightpearl that’s linked to the original sales order.

Tips on finding the original sales order

This is a live search against Brightpearl, where you can search by order ID, order reference, or the customer details. If there’s only one result, WMS will select it automatically.

We recommend using order ID (which should be on the documentation your customer sent back with the item), and you can actually use a Brightpearl widget _orderBarcode_ to put this onto your packing notes / returns slips, so you can then simply scan that barcode and it’ll search for you.

Note: the customer returns feature will need to be turned on for you by Brightpearl staff.

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