Spot checks / inventory adjustment

Used for : Broken items, or adding items to stock where you don’t need the complexity or overhead of a delivery.

  1. Search or scan item using box top left.
  2. Click the item name to go into the item detail screen.
  3. Click the cog by the In Stock quantity to change the value.
  4. Choose warehouse.
  5. Update the quantities in the given locations (using the 'in stock' field), or add locations if you’ve found items in a new location.
  6. Add a reason, and save.

A stock count will be created, just as though you’d created one from the Count screen, using the “special selection” option, containing just the SKU you have modified.

If you’re a warehouse associate or supervisor, then the count will go onto the review list for a manager. If you’re a manager, the count is automatically progressed through review, accepted and completed. Brightpearl is updated only when the count is accepted.

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