Performing a cycle count

You can either progress straight onto performing a count you have just made, or you can open a count that was made previously.

  1. Select a count from the Stocktake > Counts screen and click Count. You can only open counts that are "Ready" or "Counting"
  2. Scan a location, or search using your keyboard. This tells WMS where you are.
  3. Scan items as you count them on the shelf (or search using the keyboard). If the item is not included in the count, you'll get a warning. If the item is part of the count, it will be added to the counted list.
  4. Continue until done.

  5. Submit the count.

Tip: The most recent item scanned will appear at the top of the list, so if you get lost or have to pause the count, when you come back make sure you review the top item again.

Updating the counted quantity

If your items or locations don’t have barcodes, you can search for them manually.

You can either keep scanning items one by one to increment the quantity, or you can enter the quantity you have counted directly using the keyboard after scanning an item.


Counting boxes of items

If you're working with boxes which contain multiple items, you can update the "scanning quantity" field which changes the value added to the item each time it's scanned.

So if you have boxes on the shelf which contain 10 items per box, update the scanning quantity to 10 and just scan each box.


Count guide

A cycle count guide (or to-do list) can be shown to help users see which items are included in the count. It must be enabled at the point a count is created.


Cycle count comments

If you need to add comments for the count reviewer, you can do so using the "Add comment" link on the right. Perhaps you dropped and broke an item during counting, which would lead to there being one less than was originally in stock.


Pausing the count

If you need to move to another task halfway through a count, you can park it by clicking the "Park" button at the top of the scanned item list.


Be aware that if you park it for too long, some of the scanned items may be moved or updated by other team members.

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