Packing in WMS

"Packing" is the process of putting items into bags or boxes to be sent to customers. You can pack a single goods out note, or pack them in batches.

There are two ways to pack batches of goods out notes: order-based or SKU-based.

Order based packing

  1. Go to Goods out > Batches. Find the batch you created for the picking list, select it, then click Pack. You’ll be taken to the goods out note list filtered by the batch ID.
  2. Select the goods out note you want to pack and click Pack, or scan the goods out note barcode to be taken straight there.
  3. Prepare a carton or bag for this order.

  4. As you put items into the carton, hit the green [+] icon or use the quick quantity manager by clicking the blue arrow.
    The quick quantity manager lets you type the number packed manually, or lets you choose a number from a list of common quantities (6, 10, 12, 20 etc.)
  5. Once you have marked all items as packed, the goods out note will be set to Packed.
  6. If you have a carrier integration, the packed goods out note is created as a consignment with the relevant carrier for the shipping method, and a label will be printed.
  7. You will be taken back to the goods out note list ready to pack the next one.

Tip: If you’ve not yet printed anything for this goods out note (perhaps you’re using tablets for picking) you can set WMS up to auto-print the goods out note when the pack screen is opened. Use the "Auto-print" setting at the top of the goods out note list.

SKU based packing (auto-switch)

  1. Find the batch you created the picking list, select it and click Pack. You’ll be taken to the goods out note list filtered by the batch ID.
  2. Prepare a carton or bag for each of the orders / goods out notes. You’ll have them all on the desk ready together.
  3. Print all the goods out notes and place them in the empty cartons, or use the auto-print feature to print on demand as you scan items.
  4. Pick an item out of the cart and scan it. WMS will take you to the first goods out note that contains the item, and increment the quantity. Put the item in the box for that goods out note.
  5. Scan the next item.
    • If it’s on the same goods out note, the quantity will increase.
    • If it’s not, you’ll be switched to the next goods out note in that batch which contains the item. Put it into the right carton.
  6. Scan items until each goods out note is completely packed.

  7. When a goods out note is fully packed, you’ll get a shipping label if you have a carrier integration.

If you have the setting Pack bundle items together turned on, you’ll need to pack all the items in the bundle before WMS will auto-switch to a new goods out note.

Tip: SKU based packing is more efficient, and useful if your products look similar. You don’t have to think about which item goes into which order, and you don’t have to shuffle around in the cart to find the right items for the goods out note you’re working with.

Note that some merchants have carrier integration set up to print labels sooner than the pack stage, so you might already have print-outs or consignment notes before you pack.

Making changes to a goods out note

If you want to change the shipping method, weight or number of boxes on a GON, you’ll need to do so before it’s packed.

Open up the goods out note for packing and click "Update". You cannot unprint, unpick or unpack a goods out note in WMS, but you can do so in the Brightpearl back office if absolutely necessary.

If there’s extra information you need to capture at the packing stage, you can choose to add any of your sales order custom fields to the "Update details" section of the packing page. A packer will need to know that these fields are here; there is no way of prompting that they are needed.

Choose which fields are used in your WMS settings, under Settings > Goods out > Custom fields at packing stage.

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